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Book review: the newness advantage; Graham Cooke

Inspired by hearing Graham Cooke’s prophetic teaching at European Leaders Advance in Bradford this summer I bought this book. The Newness Advantage is written as a series of 8 letters from God. The impact is strong because as I read you sensed the Lord speaking directly to me. Each chapter begins with several scriptures on the theme of the following letter. For added impact each letter is followed by a series of thought provoking questions to make you think deeply about the content of each letter and how it is changing the way you think. This is not a book to rush through but a book to linger over and meditate on.

Themes in the letters are – living out of the identity of our new man in Christ, learning to receive God’s upgrades in our lives, receiving a lens change to see things, especially yourself, through God’s eyes. Chapter titles like “Dying to self and having a wonderful time” and “Making war on your personal negativity” draw you on to discover more. Graham sprinkles this book with statements that inspire faith such as “My promises are always bigger than your circumstances.”   A wonderful, lens changing book.                                                                          

Available from BrilliantBookHouse.com