Oasis Church Perth

book review: John Crowder. Miracle Workers, Reformers and the New Mystics

I have just finished reading this inspiring romp through church history, meeting all sorts of characters, known and new to me who experienced the power of God working in their lives in amazing ways. This is a feast of a book, packed with wonders and weird things that God has done through people bold enough to come close to him and to step into the unknown, unleashing the blessings of God into their generation. This book stretches your faith and whets the appetite to develop intimacy with the Lord and to see him work wonders in our own lives. Much of the book is an encouragement to practise the presence of God with inspiration from the life of Brother Lawrence and Teresa of Avila among others. Along with the historical information this book is grounded in Biblical truth and contains pointers to developing our own contemplative style.     More than anything John Crowder calls us into the secret place . “The most effective ministries in this hour will be returning to a place of contemplative stillness, of soaking in the presence of the Lord. It is here – in a place of waiting, or tarrying – that we are equipped for the miraculous.” P 152. This book was a delight to read and I was sorry to reach the end of it. It is a companion volume to The Ecstasy of Loving God which I re-read with great pleasure earlier this year. (pub: Destiny Image)