Oasis Church Perth

book review: To Hell With Sickness. Bill Prankard

review by Kim Duncan.

This is an honest little book, biblical in content and very
readable. It places sickness firmly in the right place – as a ploy of the enemy
to rob us of God’s abundant life and it encourages the church to rise up and
declare “enough is enough!” Sickness needs to return to hell, where it came
from. Bill Prankard roots his message firmly in scripture and in God’s
faithfulness to His promises. He challenges us, like Jesus, to walk by faith,
instead of being dominated by our senses and to persevere as we wait for God to
move in power. I enjoyed this book, its helpful illustrations and Bill’s
testimony very much.   Most of all though
I was struck by the challenge to pursue the Holy Spirit and encounter Him at a
far deeper level.

Bill’s final words sum up his message to us all: “These are great days of opportunity. Are you going to do it?   People are more open and attuned to the supernatural. Are you going to do it?   People aren’t looking for religion, but they are looking for power. Are you going to do it?”