Oasis Church Perth

Get Involved

Mid-week evenings.

There is usually at least one midweek evening meeting, usually on Friday evenings but sometimes on a Saturday afternoon in the Winter. These can be an extended worship time, focussing on coming into the Lord’s presence or with a specific prayer focus. Sometime we work through a DVD Teaching Series such as Bill Johnson’s God is Good series or Randy Clark’s Power to Heal.

Prayer meetings.

Once a month we have a day of prayer when church members take a hour to pray for Oasis Church. This may be directed if there are specific needs at the time but more often we encourage listening prayer so that we are led by the Holy Spirit to pray what is on His heart.


Our vision is to become a well of the Spirit for people to come to drink from all over Scotland and beyond. The website will give details of our conferences coming up.

Try Praying

Try Praying is an initiative started by Christians in Edinburgh. Around 50 churches in Edinburgh have an annual Try Praying  project with advertisements outside churches and on buses in the city. They have produced excellent resources to encourage people to pray, with an adult, kids and youth version. First we work through the booklet of bible reading, prayers and stories of answered prayer for a week – we use it. Then we lose it – they give it to a friend, colleague or family member for them to use. This works best when it is given to someone who is not a church goer or believer. The final stage is called “News it” when people tell stories of what happened as people prayers and shared their faith.

For more information visit   www.thereishope.co.uk