Oasis Church Perth

Get Involved

Mid-week evenings.

7.30-9.30pm. We meet at the house of one of our members, for worship, prayer and fellowship. Sometimes we work through a book or have training sessions. Occasionally we have joint prayer meetings with Perth Elim Pentecostal Church. We also frequently get together on Friday evenings. Contact Robert and Kim for details.

Prayer meetings.

Oasis House of Prayer. Monthly, on a Saturday morning, Sunday evening or Wednesday evening.


Outreach: Perth Prayer Oasis with Perth Elim.

Monthly on Saturday, 10.30 – 12.30, we take the love of God and the Good News of Jesus  into the streets of Perth. We offer prayer for healing, prayer for encouragement and people can write down prayer requests which will be prayed through later. Perth Prayer Oasis is based in the High Street, outside Debenhams.

Outreach: The Spring at Perth Oasis.

An evening with live music, different artists at work, prayer for healing, encouraging prophetic words, food and drinks at the Perth Business Centre, Glasgow Road. Details of events can be found on the website.


We regularly host conferences for our own congregation and for the wider body of Christ to come and to drink, to receive refreshing and be built up. In 2013 we held a prophetic weekend with Steve Hepden, a healing weekend with Andrew Pearkes as well as joint PIH Scotland Conferences with Steve Long and Dan Slade from Toronto; a weekend with Rick Oldland who is team leader for Partners in Harvest UK, and a  weekend with Nick and Sue Pengelly from Catch the Fire, Wrexham.

Our vision is to become a well of the Spirit for people to come to drink from all over Scotland and beyond. The website will give details of our conferences coming up.

Try Praying

We recently (4th January just past) began TRY PRAYING 

Try Praying is an initiative started by Christians in Edinburgh. Around 50 churches in Edinburgh have an annual Try Praying  project with advertisements outside churches and on buses in the city. They have produced excellent resources to encourage people to pray, with an adult, kids and youth version. First we work through the booklet of bible reading, prayers and stories of answered prayer for a week – we use it. Then we lose it – they give it to a friend, colleague or family member for them to use. This works best when it is given to someone who is not a church goer or believer. The final stage is called “News it” when people tell stories of what happened as people prayers and shared their faith.

Try Praying is a great tool for us at Oasis Church to start 2015 with as it encourages prayer and outreach. Try Praying ” marries prayer activity within churches to evangelistic activity outside.” For more information visit   www.thereishope.co.uk