Oasis Church Perth

Who We Are

Our Vision and Values

Oasis Church started in 2010. Our vision is to open up a well of the Holy Spirit – an oasis – where people can come to drink in the love of God and experience healing in their lives. An oasis is a place of rest, refreshing, restoration and refilling. We believe that transformation is available for everyone through the cross of Jesus, the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. The story of Isaac opening up wells and finding a place to flourish in Genesis 26:19-22 has really inspired us. Oasis Church is a safe place where people can flourish.

As part of the Partners in Harvest worldwide family of churches, which has its base at Catch the Fire, Toronto, we embrace the core vision and values of PIH expressed in the four FIRE values.

F.    The Father’s love revealed through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I.     Intimacy with God and hearing his voice.

R.    Restoration of the heart and the healing of inner hurts.

E.    Extending the kingdom of God through the equipping and empowering of the Holy Spirit.

“To see the church immersed in the love, grace and presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whilst pursuing intimacy with God through worship, prayer, soaking in his presence and loving his word.”

At Oasis Church we are committed to deepening our friendships with the wider body of Christ in Perth and Perthshire. Robert meets regularly for friendship and prayer with other pastors and ministers in Perth. Our main partnership is with Perth Elim Church and we hold joint prayer meetings and outreach activities.

Our strengths are love, acceptance and unity. We highly value God’s Word, and our worship is Spirit-led and passionate. Our heart is to see God pour out his Spirit in revival.

Robert gave a talk on 14 July 2019 setting out our vision and values – available in the audio section.

We are linked to the following organisations, which we support through prayer and in financial giving:
Partners in Harvest – as a fellowship we are part of the Partners in Harvest network of churches which has its base at Catch the Fire, Toronto, Canada.
Iris Ministries. Mozambique – Oasis Fellowship supports the ministry of Rolland and Heidi Baker who plant churches and care for large numbers of orphans in Mozambique.
Restoring The Foundations – Oasis Church has a team within our own Fellowship trained to give issue-focussed Restoring the Foundations ministry. RTF is a Bible-based healing of the heart ministry which sets people free from wounds from the past and false beliefs, enabling them to enter more into the fullness of life the Christ won for them on the cross.