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RTF testimonies

On this page we share just how RTF ministry has helped in peoples’ lives:



God has used RTF to bring me to new levels of freedom in relating to people generally and being able to express myself, less bound by what I feel people would want me to say.  I feel far freer to be me. Thank you John E and John H for letting God use you in my healing!

Benjamin Duncan


I must confess that I felt a bit daunted by the prospect of doing Restoring The Foundations but yet went with a great sense of peace and knowing that I was doing the right thing. Robert and Kim gently steered me through the whole procedure which maybe sounds like an operation but technically it is a spiritual operation to remove negative thought beliefs and replace them with new and positive ones. Yes, it was a bit tough and painful, more than a few tears shed along the way, but yet all the way I had such peace, even in my fearful memories there was peace.

For me, going into my past as a child is something I promised myself I’d never return to. That is one of many things to repent and change, as God never planned what happened to me. Praise God he wants better things. I always struggled with ” not being heard” either as a child, and later as an adult. I still carried that belief, even to the extent that God would never hear me nor forgive me, let alone love me.

All of which I know now are very far from the truth.

God hears me.                   God loves me.                           I am precious in his sight. WOW, me precious!

Many years ago as a young Christian, I remember Him showing me I was a little green gem in the palm of his hand. In “baby faith eyes” that is great but it didn’t penetrate deeper. My beliefs about parents were that they lie, they hurt and are distant , all the opposite to our Heavenly Father. It still takes quite a bit of getting used to.

My RFT memory that was ministered to consisted of a wee 4 yr old locked in a dark, damp, smelly cold cellar with the rats and my terror and pounding at the door to be released. In real life, my mother locked me in that cellar, and my father released me but didn’t believe me that my mother, his wife, would and had locked me in. There the belief set in that parents lie, don’t hear or believe. I was once more taken back into that fearful place but this time Jesus was invited to reveal himself. Instead of the darkness was light and he gave me a key , a golden key to open the door, which took me into a beautiful garden. ” Grass is green, Sky is blue” and safety as well as freedom. I haven’t had any more negative dreams or memories of that incident since. I know now that Jesus was and is with me always. The verse “I will never leave you nor will I forsake you” Hebrews 13 5a are imprinted in my mind and upon my heart.

Many other issues were gently closed off, via repentance and forgiveness and then came the wonderful receiving of the new promises and new beliefs…

Claire is not a big fat blob, but a tall and statuesque lily in her Father’s garden, robed in righteousness, peace and love. Not just any lily but an Acum or Cala lily.

Claire is welcome and not cast aside as there is a place at her Father’s table and not just any table but the banqueting table.

Claire is loved. She is accepted. More than that, since the RTF I have come into a new relationship with my Heavenly Father, not quite calling him papa but have no doubt that day will come.

I was encouraged to spend time with God in a study of Song of Songs which I have read many times but this time a newer deeper meaning has come from it. I am a Bride of Christ.

Would I recommend RTF? … Yes! God wants his church whole and healed and this is one of the ways he has opened for us to receive healing.

Claire Smart. September 2013.